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Module 3 Sensuality, Sexuality and Intimacy with Self and Others

Reclaim the sacredness and satisfaction of your sensuality by exploring Intimacy and passion with our Authentic Self, Others and the Absolute. Learn how our capacity for deepening intimacy is the foundation for establishing healthy relationships.

Packed with exciting exercises for individuals and couples, this workshop is designed to identify past patterns and tendencies of Attachment styles, strengthen your understanding of own embodied sacred sexuality and enliven significant relationships with intimacy, clarity and fun.

Chart your own personal history of sexual being-ness, explore hidden expectations of gender roles and realities, and expand the capacity of healthy balance between merging and aloneness. Discover the attributes of Secure Attachment and how to reclaim these qualities that are present in your essential nature. In this enlivening exploration, Diane weaves the way in which each Attachment style, Ambivalent, Avoidant and Disorganized relates to sexuality and intimacy and how they color our ability to deepen connection with ourselves and others.

See how passion and love can be integrated into the same healthy relationship. Other skills and awareness explored include:

  • How to navigate merging and autonomy in relationships
  • Learn to heal and integrate sexual conditioning from childhood and our adult life
  • Powerful exercises to awaken your awareness and choice in sexual relationships
  • Keys to mapping and embodying your own sexual being-ness
  • Explore your relationship to sexual energy and the use of self and interactive ANS regulation
  • Interplay of men and women's gender roles and expectations in adults relationships
  • Releasing the fear of abandonment and understand the enjoyment of aloneness as well as connection
  • How to distinguish between safe and non-safe touch. Building your capacity to stay present and embodied when you experience safe touch. (Safe touch exercise can be done alone or with a partner)
  • How to extinguish hyper-vigilance or dissociation triggered by past physical or sexual invasion. Repair of ruptured relational boundaries to increase positive connection.
  • “Tolerating” more love, intimate connection and positive excitement melts our defenses and sheds our history-based identity so that our true selves get a chance to really meet and be met.
  • Gain integrity of body, mind and soul, and celebrate your authentic self and others in the dynamic dance of love.
  • "Invigorating, enlivening, enthralling and informative. Fantastic, flawless presentation Diane! Amazing to witness your extreme sensitivity to clients in the demos and the way you take care of them."

"Diane's teaching style is so impressive, so funny and so welcoming!"

This course is for helping professionals and anyone interested in learning more about Attachment Styles and the topics covered in this course. This workshop focuses on sexuality and relationship dynamics rather than sexual practices

*Mod. 1 is the Prerequisite for Modules 2, 3 and 4

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